About Dogwood Pass
So what is Dogwood Pass all about? Dogwood is a secluded old west town set in the hills of Southern Ohio. Built to be as authentic as possible, every effort was taken to make the town and saloon comfortable and appealing while keeping with the spirit of the old west.

Throughout the warm seasons Dogwood Pass holds monthly Wild West Festivals including gun fights, Old West Shows, Period Traders, Chuck Wagon Food, Raffles, and more.

The Town features A Saloon, Jail, General Store, Bunk House, Bath House, Bank, Freight Office, Gun Shop, Livery Stable, Undertaker, and a Souvenir Shop, plus more facilities available for your group's event including the Roy Rogers Memory's Museum.

The Saloon itself contains a large stage area suitable for bands or DJ needs, the floor layout is easily arranged for dancing or table style accommodations. There is also a 16 foot bar area for use in almost any setting. The proprietors can also supply old-west styled *Bartender and *Waitress if desired. The Saloon currently seats 80 with a capacity for about 100 persons.

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